Our Mission: To explore & document the next evolution in genuine human connection and intimacy. (From a distance!)

In an age scarred by government-imposed lock downs (not to mention, our own tendencies to self-isolate due to the prevalence of technology–Netflix, anyone?!), we seek to explore the burgeoning new wave of tech that offer a means of allowing us as humans to connect more authentically–digitally.

Authenticity is born of isolation. (That’s a fact, as far as we’re concerned.)

We seek to capture these genuine, isolated expressions, bottle them up, and share them with the world!

Tech isn’t going anywhere. It’s our goal at Stealth Vibes to find better ways of embracing the technology to connect on deeper, more meaningful levels. Any time, anywhere. Whether that be throughout the work day, during a trip to the coffee shop, or in the dark black of night, from the comfort of our own bedrooms, lost in a messy sea of blankets.

To that end, we sponsor a series of writing challenges, video challenges, and other first-person style content that explores the use of intimate tech as a means of evoking these candid emotions and expressions.

Yes, that kind of intimate tech.

Part social science experiment. Part documentary. Part “Just for the fun of it!”

Enjoy following along as we capture and document the deepest (and sometimes darkest), but always most sincere and authentic expressions of human intimacy, emotion and empowered vulnerability.